Each year I aim to create between 20-30 drawings. I continue to explore key themes such as Water (Sharkies and Waves); Surfaces (Moonscapes, LunarPlants and Furrows); Space (Spirals and Galaxies); Air/Earth (CloudMountains and Mountains). At a deeper level there are more human themes bubbling away in my drawings. Some drawings have a sense of letting go, overcoming fears, leaps of faith, as well as a sense of balance, joyous rhythm and harmony. I prefer the mediums of inks (due to gradients and its ease of mark making) and gouache (it has a lovely velvety matt finish on the paper). I enjoy using good quality art paper and am quite fussy about that type of thing. The format of my pictures are mainly square, three different sizes: the smaller 22x22cm, the middle 35x35cm, and the larger 50x50cm. I find working in a square area is an interesting challenge when creating the picture plane and composition. My drawings are in the homes of collectors around the world and I am always open to answering questions about my art practice.

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